3 Ways to Get Started With Your Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

According to 72% of online marketers, high-quality content creation is the most effective SEO tactic.

A strong digital marketing strategy plan will contain a lot of elements, and it can often be difficult to build the perfect plan. There’s a range of things you can do to make sure your marketing plan is efficient and suitable for your brand. In doing so, you’ll be able to grow your audience and your brand.

For three key digital marketing tips to help get your marketing strategy plan started, keep reading.

1. Define Your Goals and Objectives

Your digital marketing planning and strategy are highly dependent on what you want to achieve. One of the first things you need to do is set the goals of your digital marketing plan. These goals need to be measurable, achievable, and clear.

Including specific timeframes and numbers helps establish milestones that will keep you on track. A goal like “increase conversion rates” is too vague. You should instead have something more like “Increase conversion rates by 50% over the next 12 months”.

With a deadline, you can measure your progress, and then take action if you’re not on track. This will also help you determine the effectiveness of different aspects of your digital marketing strategy plan.

2. Know Your Audience

To ensure your digital marketing strategies are effective you need to know who you’re aiming them at. Different digital marketing techniques will be more effective with different groups and demographics. Because of this, it can be a good idea to segment your audience.

You can build a range of buyer personas based on these segments, allowing you to use different marketing techniques for each. If you sell to businesses of different sizes, for example, the marketing techniques you use for new startups could be very different from those used for large organizations.

With the segments you have, you should build a buyer persona around the ideal customer from each. Note that your buyer personas will differ depending on whether your business is B2B or B2C. It’s a good idea to build these personas from the perspective of your customers so you can provide well-suited content.

3. Do Research

You want to get a good idea of what competition you’re up against. Do a competitive analysis to determine who your competitors are, the marketing strategies they use, and your market share.

Some of the elements of competitive analysis are:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Targeted audience segments
  • Positioning in the market
  • Claimed differentiation
  • Digital marketing channels they use
  • Specific language and messaging types
  • Brand personality

By understanding your competitors and what they’re doing, you can build a better marketing plan. Utilize the most effective elements you find, and wherever there are weaknesses, see if you can turn them into strengths for your brand.

Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

All of this can be a bit complicated, and there are plenty of other things you’ll need to do to build the perfect digital marketing strategy plan.

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