About Matt Kundo Digital Marketing

Hi, I’m Matt Kundo. My purpose is to work behind the scenes with clients to expediently solve their most challenging business problems and advance their marketing success.

I am passionate about helping people make sense of what is and isn’t working...

…and finding ways to implement incremental changes that produce exponential results. Together with my seasoned team of experts, my agency has spent 10+ years improving brand awareness, increasing site traffic, boosting engagement through clear CTA’s. Not only do we impact the end user, but also build trusted experiences for our clientele. 

Your success is my own.


Whether advancing your personal or professional brand, I’d be humbled to work with you and help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

Prior to starting my own agency, 

I worked for a leading NYC area full-service digital marketing agency where I partnered directly with the owner on a diverse set of client accounts, including emerging tech and online marketing. 

Today, I have a proven record of generating user demand, engagement, and sales: 

  • Managing $1M+ in ad spend per month for years, achieving ~5% conversion rate – beating the Google Ads-wide benchmark of 4.4%
  • Driving 35% quarter-over-growth (on average) in organic traffic across all clients translating to multi-millions of dollars of value created. 
  • Launching 150+ websites

A bit about me.

I grew up in Louisiana where I developed an interest in endurance sports and deep-fried foods. After graduating from UT Austin (Hook ‘Em) and swimming competitively, I expanded my athletic passions into all things cycling: MTB, Road, Gravel, Downhill, and chill rides with the love of my life. So much of fitness is informed by data. So, off and on the road, whether looking at metrics for my clients or my own ride stats, I’m obsessed with measuring performance, progress, and results. 

I also live stream and create videos about my virtual bike races on Zwift. Checkout my YouTube channel about there here: Matt Kundo Bike Racing.

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