Case Study: NeverLost

Matt Kundo Digital Marketing develops scalable digital marketing solutions. Our agency puts into play solutions that take full advantage of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO/SEM, marketing strategies and much more.

A prime example of a brand that is successfully promoting its services is our friends at NeverLost.

Case Study: NeverLost

NeverLost promises personalized adventures for family gatherings, friends, corporations and more. The company’s a great way to embrace the best of bike touring, to connect and take in the rich visual history of the U.S. and Europe. Planning and executing customized tours, NeverLost provides everything from photographers and catered meals to swag.

They’ve seen an amazing leap in their digital marketing game. From face-to-face meetings and a focus on strengthening its web presence, NeverLost is reaching a larger audience that sees the benefits of its services.

As adventurers themselves, the minds behind NeverLost want to share the biking experience with as many people as possible. They built a web presence that was essentially a window into an operation that promised an elite service.

What Matt Kundo Digital Marketing Does

With any client, our first thought is how to design a web presence that immediately impresses. You only have seconds to show visitors they’re in the right place.

NeverLost accomplished just that. It was about having a sophisticated, functional digital presentation that excites you about the idea of getting on a bike to see beautiful landscapes. The site reflects the company’s mission and vision and simultaneously offers a positive UX experience.

Thanks to their well-crafted digital marketing solutions, a strong online stance and friendly face-to-face meetings, NeverLost recently hit Texas with confidence for a grand weekend tour that crossed some of the state’s most eye-catching landscapes.

We look forward to supporting NeverLost’s continued success.

Matt Kundo Digital Marketing: Full Service Digital Marketing

Through Matt Kundo Digital Marketing, expect transparency and curiosity. Managing in-house campaigns with a team of individuals skilled in their fields, you’re ensured an ROI that delivers unique brand messages. We help you tell a story that encourages engagement whether you plan bike tours or sell real estate.

Our teams take tried and true, proven methods and push them to their fullest potential via fresh perspectives and even bizarre approaches to the conventional. The result is improving your internet stance via:

  • SEO and backlinking
  • Web design and development
  • Digital advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Data analytics and science
  • Messaging and brand strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • Email strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Consulting and management

We’re excited about NeverLost’s success and we hope to keep in touch with them. Our partnerships mean everything to us. Everyone at Matt Kundo Digital Marketing looks forward to building on those relationships.

Trust that we won’t use conventional solutions. Our services deploy digital fluency and strategic creativity. Our teams are a blend of skill, talent and experience in all things digital and marketing.

Our goal is to take your visions, shape them and then get results that promise to enhance your business presence. If you’re looking for the best ways to improve your visibility on the web, reach out to Matt Kundo Digital Marketing for a meeting today.

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